MIR Integration

Ai Atom Custom Bridge

Taking the initiative


• Ai Atom Bridge can communicate with most of the known PLCs, Protocols and Systems than „translate” this data to MIR Robots or MIR Fleet as relevant data.
• It can start missions based on the data collected from various systems.
• It can change PLC registers on the Robots based on the collected data.
• It can read data from MIR Robots and send it back to this systems.


Ai Atom generates missions or data relevant for robot or Fleet when a machine is reporting „Low Material” / „Finished Tray” or any relevant information from the equipment that needs an action to be performed like going into maintenance mode (then we block that area for entry on MIR Robots).

• The “bridged data” can be connected in multiple ways, including with our I/O Box.
• I/O Box is also used in situations where the signal needs to be processed in parallel, so we just take this data as input and make the necessary logic for it in Robot or Fleet.
• The data can also be used to block an area, change a PLC register on the robots or generate missions with specific variables.

Ai Atom Custom Bridge – UR

• Ai Atom generates missions or data relevant for robot or Fleet
when for example UR is finishing a pallet and is ready to be picked up by MIR Robots.

• To go one step further, based on the time needed for the robot to arrive at the Pick-Up location, a mission can be generated when x number of parts has been performed and then wait for a PLC register (wait for the UR to tell MIR that the Pallet is done) and then perform the Pick-Up activity.

• It can be further linked with other systems of ours like Presence Sensor to get an empty pallet as replacement or trigger a parallel mission for this.

• This is very helpful as it makes the system more autonomous, there is no intervention needed, it is all independent.