MIR Integration

Door Control System

Taking the initiative


• Ai Atom Door Control System helps Robots and Fleet to control the door opening / closing based on the PLC registers that are being set on the robots (multiple robots). The I/O zones can be use in this scenario and we provide the hardware to control the door.

Technical details:

• Door Control Box is equipped with a convenient 230V power adapter (included).

• Door Control Box requires Wi Fi network to communicate with MIR Fleet, Server and Robots.

• The Door Control Relay has Ai Atom (software to manage Push Buttons, KNX Systems, Dashboards, I/O Modules, Warehouse Door Control, Conveyor Controls, etc.) as a prerequisite.

• Fully integrated with MIR Fleet.

• Door Control Box can be pre configured (for convenience and ease of deployment or they can be configured via the built in web interface.

• Enclosure color Black / White.

• Enclosure material ABS.

• The enclosure is passively ventilated.

• Antenna type 2.4 Ghz 5dBi

• Antenna length 111 (mm)

• Total weight (with power adapter) 136 g.

• The way the naming is given of the device (example 140) is the number of the PLC register set on the MIR MAP See picture below

• Enclosure dimension 75.8/75.8/31 (mm).

Power adapter:

Output voltage: 5V DC

Output current max: 1A

Power: 5W

Connector type: micro USB

Dimensions: 37.75×23.56×54.37mm

Protection features: OPP ( OverPower Protection), OVP (Over Voltage Protection), SCP (Short Circuit Protection)

Efficiency level: Energy efficiency Level VI (73.77%)

Plug type: EU

Cable length: 1.5m

Optimal operating temperature: 0…40 C

Color: Black