MIR Integration

ERP / MES / WMS Integration

Taking the initiative


• Ai Atom ERP / MES / WMS Integration helps minimize the manual handling / ordering / mission queuing of MIR Robots and MIR Fleet.

• Relevant data from this customer internal systems is taken and used for MIR Fleet and MIR Robots.

Example: Order is being set to Warehouse for Goods. When the Order is assigned and the Order is being prepared, a mission is generated to handle this Goods.
• The data can be used further in the mission to establish what are the “Drop Off” points for this Goods in a variable way, keeping in this way the mission management nice and neet.

Example: In production, for traceability purposes, materials are scanned, when this scanning is done, we take this data and use it to generate a mission for that specific Part Number.
• In this way the function of the Robots are extended and scaled for being independent.

By using the internal systems, there is a very good potential to scale the functions of the Robots.
• A big part of infrastructure is already available and can be used to get the most out of it!

• With this method the Robots become part of the System rather than having then as and extension.