MIR Integration

Presence Sensor – Pick up

Taking the initiative


• Ai Atom Presence Sensor can control multiple Pick-Up and Drop-Off locations.

Presence Sensor – “Pick-Up” and “Drop-Off”

• Example: You have a mission to get the finished goods to dispatch area. There are multiple locations. You check where to make the “Drop-Off” – The position must be free.
• Now, it performed this action, and the second mission is generated – Pick up the empty cart and go back in production – But is it free? Did somebody take the pallet?
• With this second sensor you can have this double confirmation Cart is there and is free (no pallet or no payload on it – depends on the application) – Now the robot can pick it up and go to production. The biggest benefit is when you scale them up.
• It can handle multiple Robots multiple Pick-Up and Drop-Off locations and Fleets or Sites.


• Example: you have x number of docking stations / “Drop-Off” locations – currently the robot does not know where is free and where is occupied – it can know only by checking each position and this is taking a lot of time making it impractical.
• The alternative is to have this sensor and with the Ai Atom software “tell” the robot where to go. This is one of the favourite options as it makes all this process fast and reliable and independent of human interaction.