MIR Integration

RFID Mission Control

Taking the initiative


• Ai Atom is generating missions with relevant data for Robots or Fleet when an RFID tag is passing near the scanner / perimeter.
• This data is used to classify the type of mission and variables needed for the MIR Robots / Fleet.
• The preferred option is to use the same system used for Inventory Management.
• Data can be exchanged with the ERP, MES, WMS, etc. systems.

• As an extended function, RFID Scanner can be mounted on the Robots and tags on the carts, trolleys, shelves, etc.
• Ai Atom is generating missions and checks with RFID Scanner where is the “Pick-Up Location” or “Drop-Off Location” of the goods.
• This is all done in the software based on the associated Tag Number from each cart.
• The system can be combined with other products we have for Mission Control.