MIR Integration

Barcode or QR Code with Buffer

Taking the initiative


• The scanning is done with a QR Code / Barcode Scanner that is connected via Bluetooth, cable, wireless, etc. to a PC / Tablet / Laptop and is having the option to Buffer the scanned data (scan and remember until another barcode is scanned to empty this buffer).

• This is one preferred option as you can „take” the scanner in production, scan multiple items than come to the PC/Laptop/etc, scan the „Empty Buffer” code and all the items that has been scanned will be sent to AI Atom, this will generate a mission for each of the scanning that has been performed. The disadvantage here is that you must go back to the PC and „empty” this buffer; On the other hand, the hardware infrastructure is much simplified. It clearly depends on preferences and time restrictions.

• The mission can be assigned with variable data, or it can be done in a databases where position and part number of the scanned data is associated (corresponding position with the scanned data).