MIR Integration

SMART Kanban System

Taking the initiative


• Ai Atom Smart Kanban System – An independent way to get the materials in time!
• The concept is simple and easy to scale – from 1 position to 250 positions per Module.
• Need more? – We put in another Module and link them in a Cluster, creating an “Entity”.
• The Kanban System is equipped with sensors that will generate a mission when the level of material is lower than the “Minimum Safety Stock”.

• Example: the operator is taking the box from the Kanban; the sensor detects that is below the threshold and AI Atom will generate an order in the ERP/MES/WMS system and start a mission on the Robot or Fleet.
• This Smart Kanban is also working with a combination of “Pick-to Light”, “Place-to-Light” system.
• When the robot is arriving at the destination (where the Kanban is) assuming there are multiple Part Numbers both vertical and horizontal, it will light the location where the operator needs to place the box that just arrived with the MIR Robot.