MIR Integration

On time On Demand

Taking the initiative


Ai Atom is generating missions or relevant data for Robot and Fleet when a specific number of parts have been processed, produced, used.
The data is collected from MES, ERP, WMS, SAP, Database, PLC, etc.


• Example 1: When there are 55 parts packed at packing station, a mission is generated, and the Robot is
coming to pick up the pallet. This can be linked with other systems that we have – Presence Sensor – If the
sensor detects that the pallet is no longer on the rack it will generate another mission to get one empty pallet
and put it on the station.
• Example 2: If the number of used materials form one batch in the machine is 200 (out of 300), order another
box in the Easy Access Dashboard or internal ERP system and start a mission to send already a robot in the
warehouse, minimizing in this way the waiting times.