MIR Integration

Presence sensor – Docking

Taking the initiative


• Ai Atom Presence Sensor will start a mission as soon as the cart / object is placed in the Docking Station, Pallet Rack or a position where Presence Sensor is located.
• Example: You have a finished pallet, and you place it in the docking station – The Ai Atom will generate a mission for the Robot or Fleet and the robot will automatically take it and place it in the warehouse
• A mission is generated as soon as the cart is removed from the docking station.

• Example: You take the cart and use it, and you need another one to be there – a mission is generated
automatically to take the cart from a designated area (can be with multiple stations) and place it in this docking
• Same logic is applied with the Shelf Carrier for MIR 250 if the Cart is in the designated perimeter (same
requirements as for the Robot) or can be used with Racks for the MIR 500 / 600 / 1000 / 1350.